Właz rewizyjny DC-100 Pro-Line

DC-100 Pro-Line revisory hatch

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Supply from PLN23.00
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The DC-100 Pro-Line inspection hatch is a very high quality product. It has a very high load class, so it is ideal for use in car parks, including those also for light trucks. In addition, it can also be used successfully in pedestrian routes, as well as in swimming pools. The load class in question is of course due to the high quality of building materials. The hatch is made of aluminum, whose resistance and resistance to damage or deformation determines that it is widely used in industry and production. The inspection hatch is equipped with an aluminum frame and a cover. The bottom is made of 3 mm thick aluminum sheet. Thanks to this solution, the product is characterized by the highest resistance to possible damage caused by bottom-up stimuli. First of all, it is a waterproof material, which also applies to the manhole cover. Does not rust, does not corrode. It can withstand even high pressure of car wheels. At the same time, it is a very effective product in cleaning all materials from dirt. Thanks to placing bristles on the surface of the manhole, specializing in removing dirt, including wet ones. Regardless of the weather, the inspection hatch described works perfectly wellcauses that it can be used inside and outside. Cleaning the manhole is also not a complicated or time-consuming process, which significantly increases the comfort of use. Standard keys for opening the manhole cover are included as standard. The lock is placed in such a place that guarantees that the cover can be lifted easily and without using more force. At the same time, additional accessories ensure that dirt does not get between the frame and the lid. These elements are gaskets, including a specially designed T-shaped seal. The values of the manhole are also the height of the building - 100 mm, as well as the fact that the entire structure is odor-proof. In addition, this increases the comfort of use of the manhole. Product on individual order.


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