Disinfecting mats on farms

The purpose of this article is to show that the necessity of using disinfection mats in Polish farms mainly results from the key principles of so-called biosecurity in existing animal production.

This is particularly important before African swine fever or even bird flu.

Supermaty.pl has a full offer of various disinfection mats with valid certificates and available in various sizes and types.

It can be seen that the disinfecting mats play an important protective role against so-called pathogens, which, however, are transferred on footwear by handling or even transporting the necessary vehicles.

Therefore, the mats should be located in front of the entrances and exits to the livestock buildings.

However, here they should be at every door. Perfect when they are located at the entrance gate to the farm area.

However, keep in mind that this is not a necessity. Depending on the application, the available mat sizes are available in varying lengths and widths. Thus, it is the disinfection mats before entering and leaving the piggery, and sometimes even the shed, that are usually not less than the width of the available entry or exit. There is a range of four to five centimeters thick or not less than one meter long.

However, for vehicles entering as well as leaving the farm, the preferred length may not be less than the available wheel circumference of the vehicle. However, the width must be identical to the width of the entry or exit.

It is great if we carry out such disinfection of our animals' hooves, which in most cases we chase away to the catwalk. This is an extremely important activity in relation to diseases or injuries of the limbs.

They affect the perfect performance. An interesting fact is that cows returning from the paddock or also from pastures really carry germs in every case, including those threatening their health. It is also worth showing that the mats intended for disinfecting hoofs are definitely thicker, they also have approximately 10 cm, so that the hoofs are properly disinfected also in the area of ​​the so-called pastern.

It appears that the entrance mats must be characterized by, among others: abrasion resistance or the possibility of replacing the so-called polyurethane insert or resistance or good absorbency. Also noteworthy is the prevention of spillage of the disinfectant shown.

However, the underside must have a non-slip surface that prevents displacement during use.

In addition, the material of the mat we choose must be easy to sweep and wash.

It is also presented that the mats available are made of a cover that has a zipper. On the other hand, there is polyurethane foam inside.

The advantage is that it is easy to replace. Keep in mind, however, that the disinfecting mats must be swept daily, and the foam and cover rinsed in the event of dirt.

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