Mats for playgrounds and the assembly operation

Mats for playgrounds and the assembly operation

In order to protect the surface under the equipment on the sports field and at the climbing wall, it manufactures and supplies special mats for playgrounds that can minimize the impact of falls from a height of 3.1 m.

Mats for playgrounds, and depreciation

We provide solutions that allow you to create a safe area for playgrounds or patios. Depending on the destination, we provide special boards. We offer rectangular, triangular and puzzle models. We also provide flexible paving stones. They are very resistant to external factors and damage. In addition, they are soft and safe when dropped. Playground mats are becoming more and more popular.

The safe segmented polyurethane surface made of the proposed components also has remarkable aesthetics. The product is available in a wide range of colors, so you can prepare substrates with interesting patterns.

The solution we propose has similar properties to rubber pads. We offer products in many sizes in terms of length, width and thickness. This is how playground mats look like.

Mats for playgrounds and their assembly

The presented mat can be mounted on a concrete or asphalt base, on a layer of compacted gravel or gravel, or mounted on a special plastic net that is stable on a gravel or sand base. Rainwater can flow freely through the porous structure of the slab.

A foundation prepared in such a way does not require expensive drainage and ground cleaning systems. It is therefore worth putting on mats for playgrounds.

Mats for playgrounds, and HIC

The HIC is the height from the upper limit of all the free fall heights of the toy concerned for which the road surface can provide a satisfactory cushioning effect. We should remember this when deciding on mats for playgrounds.

The free fall height refers to the vertical distance between a well-defined support surface (a well-defined support surface can be any solid surface that is freely accessible) and the lower surface onto which it falls.

In other words, it is the height between the ground and the highest assembly part of the toy that provides a stable support for the child, most often, for example, the highest platform in the toy or the top edge of a ladder.

Playground mats are an excellent substrate for sports fields. It is best to place them whole, especially under trampolines, swings and slides, otherwise the child will get injured while playing. Different colors allow you to create colorful patterns and uniform surfaces. Flexible platforms are easy to install, do not require impregnation or maintenance, and are also ideal surfaces for balconies and terraces.

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