Mats with a logo or print

It is possible to fully personalize the entrance mat with the logo catching dirt by printing illustrations related to the company, logo or slogan advertising the brand.

The entrance mat then becomes an excellent advertising medium, increasing the recognition of the company and welcoming guests, because most people, entering, first look at

the floor.

Mat functionality

The main function of the mat is cleaning and drying the soles of shoes.

A properly functioning mat does not allow dirt and water to spread around the building, reduces cleaning costs, prevents slips and falls on wet floors, protects the floor, taking most of the damage on itself, and improves the quality of the air in the room. Therefore, the size, material and density of the mat are important not only in fulfilling this main function,

but also for the durability of the mat, the ability to absorb water and remove dirt. The store offers a wide range of high quality logo mats that perfectly fulfill this function, while also giving the opportunity to promote the brand or company name.

High resolution print uses the latest printing technology and high-resolution printing, which facilitate printing of complex logos, shading and obtaining three-dimensional effects.

High resolution printing allows you to get photo quality by perfectly reproducing the image.

Sharp, narrow lines, contours and smooth transitions are precise details thanks to which each mat has its own individual style.

The thickness of the fleece affects the depth of the image, giving really amazing effects.

Unlimited colors. Prints on mats with the logo are made using an advanced dyeing method that allows you to get clear, long-lasting colors in a virtually unlimited number of shades.

A large range of colors ensures vivid colors, deep blacks for perfect contrast and smooth shading, which gives the image quality print to make the logo look really perfect.

You can easily reproduce multi-colored logotypes, complex designs, artistic works and even photos.

Choose one of thousands of colors or provide PMS (Pantone color palette), RAL or other color palette, and we will match the colors of your logo to reproduce them as accurately as possible.

Match Your Mat

BrilliantStep with a color selection system also allows for one-color printing, so we can match your logo mat to the decor or color of any interior, using

from a quick and accurate color selection system with thousands of vibrant colors.

You can also simply indicate your favorite color using the PMS, RAL or other palette, and we will choose a mat for you.

Single-colored mats can also be used together with logo mats - they form a complete mat system.

Custom dimensions

Like all products, free-lying entrance mats are available in a wide range of standard dimensions and on request, in running meters.

Our specialized production department can make mats with the logo in any size, shape or any length, with finishing strips that make

that the mat looks aesthetically pleasing and prevents tripping.

On request, we can also prepare unusual shapes: circles, crescents and arches.

All mats made to order can be supplied with recommended accessories,

such as bevelled edges, 090 Mat Hold undercoat or 085 Velcro tape.

Production method

Logo mats are made to order using the latest Brilliant Step printing technology.

The printing technique guarantees vivid colors and their durability in accordance with DIN 54006.

Unlike the screen printing or flocking process, which is performed only on the surface, the BrilliantStep printing technique allows you to penetrate deep into the mat fibers, thanks to which the color is visible on their entire surface, which guarantees that the print will last throughout the lifetime of the mat and not it will fade with time.

Execution Time

The Supermaty company has developed its possibilities of printing logos.

In addition, the organization of our production allows us to be a competitive company providing super fast services both

for standard products as well as those on request.

Logo mat designs are prepared and sent for approval within 24 hours.

After approval, the logo design is sent to production, where the mat is printed, packaged and shipped within 24 hours.

No minimum order quantity

Mats for professional applications are synonymous with high quality, flexibility and services tailored to the customer.

We offer a full range of logo mats and personalization services, without a minimum order size, with express delivery and shipping

directly from production

How to place an order for logo mats?

1. Project title:

Give the project any name. It will be used in correspondence and specified on the order.

2.Mat type:

Please choose

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