Drainage mat for horse paddock 85x118 cm

Drainage mat for horse paddock 85x118 cm

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Horse paddock drainage mat - comfort and safety for your animal

Our horse paddock drainage mat is a reliable solution for your horse's comfort, safety and health. Specially designed to meet the unique needs of horses, this mat not only provides a stable surface but also effectively drains water to prevent muddy conditions.

Key features:

Excellent drainage: Equipped with special holes, our drainage mat effectively drains water and other fluids, providing a dry and safe surface for your horse.

Comfortable cushioning layer: Thanks to the elastic properties of the material, the mat provides extra comfort under your horse's feet, reducing pressure and reducing the risk of injury.

Durability and resilience: Made from high quality materials, the mat is weather, UV and chemical resistant, guaranteeing long-lasting use.

Ease of cleaning: The mat can be easily cleaned with water and soap or standard cleaning products, ensuring easy maintenance of stable hygiene.

EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE: The drainage mat is easy to install and can be quickly installed in any horse paddock, providing an immediate improvement in usable conditions.

Non-slip surface: The specially designed surface of the mat provides excellent grip, minimising the risk of slips and falls.

Safe and Comfortable Environment for Your Horse

The Horse Paddock Drainage Mat not only provides protection from muddy conditions, but also creates a safe and comfortable environment for your horse. With its functionality and durability, our mat provides not only comfort for your horse, but also peace of mind for you.

Choose our drainage mat for your horse paddock and enjoy peace of mind knowing your horse is safe and secure.

Here's a list of 10 problems it solves and 10 benefits of the product - a drainage mat for a horse paddock:

1. Muddy paddock: The mat provides effective drainage, eliminating a muddy surface.

2. Excessive moisture: The drainage design of the mat helps control moisture levels in the paddock.

3. Slip risk: The non-slip surface reduces the risk of falls and injury.

4. Uneven surface: The mat provides a stable and level base for horses, minimising the risk of injury.

5. Difficult to clean: The ease of cleaning the mat makes it easy to maintain hygiene in the stable.

6. Damage to the paddock: The durable construction of the mat protects the ground from damage caused by horses digging.

7. Lack of comfort for horses: The elastic properties of the matting provide extra comfort under the horses' feet.

8. Difficulty of installation: The easy installation and removal of the mat makes work in the stable easier.

9. Repair costs: The mat helps to minimise costs associated with repairs and renovation of the paddock.

10. Poor hygiene: The mat provides a hygienic environment for horses, which contributes to their health and welfare.

Product benefits:

1. effective drainage: Provides a dry and safe environment for horses.

2. Durability: Resistant to weather and wear and tear, guarantees long-lasting use.

3. Safety: The non-slip surface minimises the risk of slips and falls.

4. Comfort for horses:The flexible properties of the mat provide extra comfort during movement.

5. Easy to install:The quick and easy installation of the mat makes work in the stable easier.

6. Easy to clean: The ability to be easily cleaned ensures hygiene in the stable.

7. Aesthetic appearance: The mat adds aesthetics and style to your horse paddock.

8. versatility: can be used in different types of stables and paddocks.

9. Insulation: Provides additional thermal and acoustic insulation.

10. Improved paddock condition: The mat protects the ground from damage, which prolongs its life and appearance.

With these properties, the horse paddock drainage mat is the perfect solution for horse owners, providing safety, comfort and durability.

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118 cm
85 cm
4 cm
4 cm
zewnętrzne + wewnętrzne
Non slip
Ruch kołowy
Fatigue reduction

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