The resting mat for cows, 25 mm free-stall barn

The resting mat for cows, 25 mm free-stall barn

Mata legowiskowa dla krów obory wolnostanowiskowe 25 mm 5 1 5 1

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Cow bedding mats for free stall cows. Standard mat size is 120x180 cm, other sizes available. Thickness 25 mm. The special design provides the cows with the necessary comfort and thermal insulation. The slope at the back of the mat facilitates the drainage of liquids. Non-slip surface.

Can be cut to the desired dimensions - 120/115/110 x 180/175/170 cm. 

The Cow Mat DB 1,5 is ideal for free-stall cowsheds. The specially designed mat provides comfort and thermal insulation, and the slope in the back of the mat with grooves facilitates the drainage of liquids. DB 1.5 is manufactured using professional extrusion technology, which ensures excellent material structure and quality.

The DB 1.5 bedding mat offered on is dedicated for use in cow rest areas and is designed to provide comfort and support while lying down.

One of the key features of the DB 1.5 mat is its sloping surface. The mat has been designed with a 0.5° slope along a third of its length. This sloping arrangement helps to keep the cows properly aligned while resting, stimulating better blood circulation and reducing pressure on joints and muscles.

The DB 1.5 bedding mat is made of high-quality materials that are durable and hard-wearing. As a result, the mat is able to withstand the weight and movements of the cows, providing long-lasting support and comfort. The design of the mat also makes it easy to clean, providing hygienic resting conditions for the cows.

One of the main benefits of using the DB 1.5 bedding mat is its impact on cow health and productivity. The ergonomic design and cushioning properties of the mat help to reduce the risk of injuries such as bedsores and joint problems. Providing a comfortable and supportive resting surface for cows improves their overall condition, which can lead to increased milk production and better reproductive performance.

In addition to the health benefits, the DB 1.5 mat also offers advantages for farmers and barn owners. The mat's durable construction requires minimal maintenance, which saves time and effort to keep it in good condition. Ease of cleaning and resistance to wear and tear ensure that the mat lasts longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

In addition, the DB 1.5 bedding mat has been designed to be compatible with different types of cow rest areas, making it a versatile choice for different barn configurations. Its size and surface texture provide a comfortable and non-slip surface, allowing cows to move and rest freely.

In summary, the DB 1.5 bedding mat available at is a high-quality and functional product designed to provide comfort and support for cows in resting areas. Its sloping surface, durable construction and ergonomic design contribute to the health, productivity and overall well-being of the cows. In addition, its ease of maintenance and compatibility with different barns make it a practical choice for farmers and barn owners.

specially designed matting provides comfort and thermal insulation

a slope in the back of the mat with grooves to facilitate the drainage of liquids

anti-slip surface

adjustable in size by cutting

dimensions possible after cutting 120/115/110 x 180/175/170 cm

comfort: 3 out of 5 stars

The DB 1.5 bedding mat can help solve many problems associated with lying cows. Here are the top 10 problems this mat can solve:

Bedsores: The DB 1.5 mat provides adequate support for the cow's body, minimising pressure on the skin and reducing the risk of bedsores.

Joint problems: The mat's ergonomic design and cushioning properties reduce stress on joints, which can help reduce pain and prevent injury.

Discomfort while resting: The DB 1.5 mat offers a comfortable lying surface, providing cows with comfort and support when resting.

Improper positioning of cows during rest: The sloping surface of the GH 1.5 mat helps to keep cows in the correct position, encouraging them to lie straight and distributing their weight evenly.

Lack of hygienic resting conditions: The DB 1.5 mat is easy to clean, helping to maintain hygienic resting conditions for cows, reducing the risk of infection and disease.

Health problems associated with inadequate lying: Improved positioning and comfortable support on mats can help prevent problems related to joint strain, skin pressure and other conditions.

Mis-shaped mandibular horns: DB 1.5 mats can help prevent mandibular deformities in calves by providing them with a comfortable and suitable place to lie down.

Reproductive problems: The comfort and support offered by the DB 1.5 matting can help to increase the reproductive comfort of cows, which can help to improve reproductive performance.

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Color: Czarny
Height: 25 mm
Dimension: 120 cm x 180 cm
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- Czarny, 25 mm, 120 cm x 180 cm 0 PLN369.36 not available
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