Aluminum doormat Monaco, rubber, h 23 mm, custom-made

Aluminum doormat Monaco rubber h 23 mm custom-made

Wycieraczka aluminiowa Monaco guma h 23 mm pod wymiar 4.73 1 5 30

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The Monako aluminum doormat is a perfect coping with all stains, a robust cleaning system, recommended for business premises and rooms where traffic is intense. As an example of such rooms, you can mention shops, restaurants, service or entertainment, but also halls, warehouses, etc.

With very good effectiveness in collecting and removing dirt from the sole of shoes and all other materials, the doormat allows you to maintain the perfect cleanliness of the room. ". The reason for this effectiveness is the use of a strong and flexible cleaning element made of strong rubber.

As a cleaning material, the rubber works well because it has very good adhesion. Thanks to this, it collects dirt efficiently, including large areas. It is worth adding that the discussed rubber, as a building material of the cleaning cartridge, is resistant to various types of "hazards", such as deformation or deformation.

It is also not mechanically damaged. The entire structure of the doormat, on the other hand, is resistant not only to high pressure and intensive operation, but also to the effects of adverse weather conditions. That's why it can be used without fear both inside andand outside. Even at high frost, snow or rain, it does not lose its properties, while still enjoying its owner's effectiveness and efficiency in removing dirt. Mention should also be made of aluminum frames as well as the basis of the doormat structure. Aluminum is an extremely durable material that is not only subject to mechanical damage but also does not rust. The combination of aluminum frames with stainless steel wires gives excellent results and makes the costs incurred to purchase the doormats work quickly, because it is possible to avoid many additional expenses related to cleaning the room. The price here is therefore very attractive.

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- Grey, 23mm 1000 zł1,507.00
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- Czarny, 23mm 1000 zł1,435.00
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- Brown, 23mm 1000 zł1,507.00
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