Mata wejściowa Kaarat kolor antracyt

Entrance mat Karaat doormat washable

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Karaat is one of the most effective laundry entrance mats collecting dirt that are suitable for frequent washing.
It has been constructed in a way that allows meeting even the strictest requirements.
It is distinguished not only by its tremendous durability, but thanks to the available palette of 14 standard colors, it is also an excellent adornment to enter public, industrial and production buildings.

The Karaat entrance mat will significantly contribute to the cleanliness of entrances to buildings and the rooms inside them.
Absorbing moisture and dirt, significantly reduces the need for cleaning, and at the same time extends the life of the floors.
In addition, the Karaat entrance mat guarantees a higher level of security by providing clean and dry floors.

Properties of the Karat laundry entrance mat:

Yarn - top mat: High-Twist Nylon (HTN) - dyed in mass - UV-resistant Each yarn thread contains two layers of fiber that have been individually twisted by 5.5 revolutions per 2.5 cm, and then twisted with each other 4,5 coils per 2.5 cm.
The yarn is heated so as to permanently hold the fiber hard.
Bottom: 100% nitrile reinforced gum
Total height of the mat: 10 mm
Total weight of the mat: approx. 2.82 kg / m²
Recommended washing temperature: up to 49 ° C is suitableto be dried in an oven
Fire certificate: EN 9239-1
Warranty for professional maintenance: 2 years
Tolerance: production tolerances +/- 2%
Standard width: 60,75,85, 115 and 150 cm with edge
Custom width: 200 cm only for gray # 10 - gray and anthracite # 50
Standard length: up to 300 cm
Custom length: up to 550 cm

Standard dimensions: 60x85,75x85,85x115,85x150,85x300c, 115x180,111x240,115x200,115x250,115x300,150x200,150x240,150x250,150x300 cm and any size price per 1m2.

Colors: green retracted

colors of the mountain ville mats

Mat ideal for entry to service stations, offices, hotels, shops, offices, schools. Strong and durable.