Rubber lining on oil-proof mat

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Lining mat NBR English production may be used for lining the floor of motor vehicles, and in storage areas, and industrial areas.

NBR rubber - Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, commonly referred to as oil-resistant rubber , is a readily used rubber material for the manufacture of washers and gaskets operating statically in the non-stretched state and other components in the pumps (eg NBR coating covers diffusers in pumps ...

The liner can be taught as follows:
- laid out in a relaxed state - without sticking
- glued to the substrate with the use of adhesives commonly used in construction for the gluing of rubber floor coverings.

The surface of the METRO lining is knurled, which gives it anti-slip properties and at the same time facilitates cleaning.

The lining is produced in a width of 1450 mm and in the following thickness: 3 mm or 4, 5, 6 mm.

Antielectrostatic floor covering has test certificate No. 13/01 made according to PN-92 / E-05203
"Protection against static electricity. Materials and products in facilities and zones at risk of explosion. Methods of investigating electrical resistance and leakage resistance "(Szczecin University of Technology).

Carpets should not be used in conditions in which they may be exposed to sunlight and ozone.

The price is for 1 m2 of floor covering.
The length of the standard roll that is in stock is 10 mb (or 14.5 m2).
Other lengths on request, waiting period up to 18 days.

Rubber products

They can be used in various industries. Their main application is the industry and production of seals operating statically in unstretched condition. Surfaces can be smooth or with a fabric impression. The boards with a smooth surface are covered with a thin layer of talcum protecting against sticking together. The color of the discs is black.

1. SBR rubber boards

General purpose rubber plates. They can be used in the temperature range -30O to 70OC in inert aqueous solutions. They are not resistant to solar radiation.

2. NBR rubber plates

Oil-resistant plates with good resistance to oils and thermal concentration as well as low resistance to gasoline. Maximum working temperature in oil 70 ° C or 100 ° C.

3. EPDM rubber plates

Plates with high resistance to thermal aging, weather conditions, good resistance to ozone and inorganic acids and poor resistance to organic acids. Max. working temperature up to 100 ° C, periodically 120 ° C.

4. Rubber plates SBR / NR

Plates for contact with food, have PZH approval, intended for use in the dairy industry, beersSheep, meat, poultry, fish and short-term contact with food products in the fruit and vegetable industry as well as vinegar and mustard plants, provided that the products comply with the relevant requirements on the health quality of food. Max. working temp. 70 ° C.

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