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Anti-slip and anti fatigue mat Sky Trax ergonomic floor mat grey color

Anti-slip and anti fatigue mat Sky Trax ergonomic

Mata antypoślizgowa antyzmęczeniowa Sky Trax ergonomiczna 4.76 1 5 41

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Industrial anti-fatigue and anti-slip mat Sky Trax, thanks to the use of anti-slip RedStop underlay, which prevents the mat from moving.

Convenience, durability and safety are the basic features of our best products for places where all these criteria have to be met.

The combination of a very durable vinyl liner with a resilient, durable vinyl foam ensures the highest durability and the best anti-fatigue properties.

  • Ergonomic benefits due to the unique bubble structure of the top layer and a 19 mm high working platform.
  • Provides adequate slip resistance R9 according to DIN5113 and BG-rule BGR181
  • RedStop ™ was used. A sticky coating that prevents mats from moving on the floor.
  • Available yellow edges as recommended in OSHA 1910-144.
  • On all four sides, the mat is finished in a downward slope, minimizing the risk of tripping on the edges.
  • The Uni-Fusion ™ lamination technology makes it impossible to separate the top layer of the mat from the bottom.
  • Comfort, durability, and safety are united in this product, designed for those who are not willing to compromise in any of these criteria.
  • Combination of extra hard wearing top surface and a very resilient microcellular vinyl base for maximum fatigue relief.
  • Ergonomic benefit derived from unique bubble design coupled with 19 mm thick worker platform.
  • Slip-resistance and freedom of movement; tested R9 according to DIN51130 and BG-rule BGR181
  • Featured with RedStop™ slip-resistant backing to prevent mat from shifting
  • Available with yellow borders along the sides to comply with OSHA code 1910-144

General Description

  • Environment Dry Areas
  • Group Ergonomic, Anti-fatigue & Safety Matting
  • Special Characteristics Coefficient of friction NSFI certified|Free of DOP, free of DMF, free of ozone depleting substances, free of silicone and free of heavy metals
  • Recommended Use In manufacturing plants, assembly lines, picking, packing and logistics warehouses, individual workstations. Also suitable for commercial environments including hotels, reception desks, shop counters, department stores, banks, restaurants, etc.
  • Surface Ergonomic bubble
  • Edges Bevelled edges on all sides
  • Usage Intensity Heavy duty

Installation and Use

  • Custom Description This mat can be ordered in custom lengths per linear meter. The mat will be produced to any specified size by the manufacturer with bevelled and sealed edges to prevent tripping. Available in grey, black, and black / yellow.
  • Cleaning Tip Sweep regularly or dry mop the surface and the back of the mat. The surface can be damp-mopped with a mild soap/detergent.
  • Technical Specification
  • Material Specifications PVC on microcellular vinyl base
  • Backing Microcellular vinyl with Red Stop® slip-resistant backing
  • Process Lamination
  • Weight kg/m2 6.9


  • Fire Rating EU En 13501-1 Cfl-S2
  • Abrasion Resistance 500 0.1% weight loss
  • Chemical Resistance Cat. IV Espuma de PVC
  • Breaking Load 1000 lb/in²
  • Compression Deflection 1.4 0.52 cm
  • Compression Deflection 2.8 0.82 cm
  • Elongation 150%
  • Foam Battery 40 lb/in²
  • Hardness 95 Shore A
  • REACH Compliant Reach compliant (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).
  • Slip Rating R9
  • Coefficient friction 0.82
  • Surface Flammability Pass
  • Tear Strength 67.5 lbs


  • Anti-Fatigue Rating Superior
  • Slip Resistance Rating Best
  • Wear Resistance Rating Best

Recommended use:

  • Intensive use - industrial environment - dry places.


  • 60 cm x 91 cm, 91 cm x 150 cm, 91 cm x 2 m, 91 cm x 3 m, 91 cm x 6 m

Rolls 21.9 m:

  • 60 cm, 91 cm, 122 cm and 152 cm wide

Custom lengths:

  • 60 cm wide, 91 cm, 122 cm, 152 cm wide


  • black
  • black with yellow stripes
  • Gray
32 Items

Data sheet

60,91,122,152 cm
19 mm
7 kg/m2
Redstop antypoślizgowy z pianką 14 mm
upper layer
PCV mocne 5 mm
Non slip
Antystatyczna esd
Fire resistance
Ruch kołowy
Fatigue reduction

Specific References

Image Reference Combination name Quantity Availability Price Add to cart
782S0023BL Czarny, 60 cm x 91 cm 32 7 zł372.43 zł353.81
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782S0035BL Czarny, 91 cm x 150 cm 55 7 zł894.80 zł850.06
add_circle add to cart
782S302MBL Czarny, 91 cm x 2 m 55 7 zł1,233.04 zł1,171.39
add_circle add to cart
782S303MBL Czarny, 91 cm x 3 m 55 7 zł1,849.56 zł1,757.08
add_circle add to cart
782S306MBL Czarny, 91 cm x 6 m 22 7 zł3,699.00 zł3,514.05
add_circle add to cart
782R0024BL Czarny, 60 cm x 21,9 m 1000 7 zł8,485.00 zł8,060.75
add_circle add to cart
782R0036BL Czarny, 91 cm x 21,9 m 22 7 zł12,727.00 zł12,090.65
add_circle add to cart
782R0048BL Czarny, 122 cm x 21,9 m 44 7 zł16,971.00 zł16,122.45
add_circle add to cart
782R0060BL Czarny, 152 cm x 21,9 m 44 7 zł21,214.00 zł20,153.30
add_circle add to cart
782C0024BL Czarny, 60 cm x mb. 1000 7 zł455.84 zł433.05
add_circle add to cart
782C0048BL Czarny, 122 cm x mb 44 7 zł911.70 zł866.12
add_circle add to cart
782C0060BL Czarny, 152 cm x mb. 100 7 zł1,139.66 zł1,082.68
add_circle add to cart
782S0023GY Grey, 60 cm x 91 cm 999 7 zł304.02 zł288.82
add_circle add to cart
782S0035GY Grey, 91 cm x 150 cm 1000 7 zł718.53 zł682.60
add_circle add to cart
782S302MGY Grey, 91 cm x 2 m 1000 7 zł990.13 zł940.62
add_circle add to cart
782S303MGY Grey, 91 cm x 3 m 1000 7 zł1,485.00 zł1,410.75
add_circle add to cart
782S306MGY Grey, 91 cm x 6 m 1000 7 zł2,970.36 zł2,821.84
add_circle add to cart
782R0024GY Grey, 60 cm x 21,9 m 1000 7 zł6,813.98 zł6,473.28
add_circle add to cart
782R0036GY Grey, 91 cm x 21,9 m 1000 7 zł10,220.26 zł9,709.25
add_circle add to cart
782R0048GY Grey, 122 cm x 21,9 m 1000 7 zł13,627.94 zł12,946.54
add_circle add to cart
782R0060GY Grey, 152 cm x 21,9 m 1000 7 zł17,034.93 zł16,183.18
add_circle add to cart
782C0024GY Grey, 60 cm x mb. 1000 7 zł366.04 zł347.74
add_circle add to cart
782C0048GY Grey, 122 cm x mb 1000 7 zł549.04 zł521.59
add_circle add to cart
782C0060GY Grey, 152 cm x mb. 1000 7 zł915.10 zł869.35
add_circle add to cart
782S0023BY Czarny/Zolta-krawedz, 60 cm x 91 cm 44 7 zł453.34 zł430.67
add_circle add to cart
782S0035BY Czarny/Zolta-krawedz, 91 cm x 150 cm 44 7 zł972.63 zł924.00
add_circle add to cart
782S302MBY Czarny/Zolta-krawedz, 91 cm x 2 m 44 7 zł1,340.27 zł1,273.26
add_circle add to cart
782S303MBY Czarny/Zolta-krawedz, 91 cm x 3 m 44 7 zł2,010.40 zł1,909.88
add_circle add to cart
782S306MBY Czarny/Zolta-krawedz, 91 cm x 6 m 44 7 zł4,020.00 zł3,819.00
add_circle add to cart
782R0024BY Czarny/Zolta-krawedz, 60 cm x 21,9 m 44 7 zł9,223.77 zł8,762.58
add_circle add to cart
782R0036BY Czarny/Zolta-krawedz, 91 cm x 21,9 m 44 7 zł13,834.71 zł13,142.97
add_circle add to cart
782R0048BY Czarny/Zolta-krawedz, 122 cm x 21,9 m 44 7 zł18,447.53 zł17,525.15
add_circle add to cart
782R60060BY Czarny/Zolta-krawedz, 152 cm x 21,9 m 44 7 zł23,059.43 zł21,906.46
add_circle add to cart
782C0024BY Czarny/Zolta-krawedz, 60 cm x mb. 44 7 zł495.50 zł470.73
add_circle add to cart
782C0048BY Czarny/Zolta-krawedz, 122 cm x mb 44 7 zł743.22 zł706.06
add_circle add to cart
782C0060BY Czarny/Zolta-krawedz, 152 cm x mb. 44 7 zł1,238.75 zł1,176.81
add_circle add to cart
782C0036BL Czarny, 91 cm x mb 45 7 zł683.79 zł649.60
add_circle add to cart
782C0036GY Grey, 91 cm x mb 50 7 zł265.50 zł252.23
add_circle add to cart
782C0036BY Czarny/Zolta-krawedz, 91 cm x mb 45 7 zł743.22 zł706.06
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