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Flat elastic wall protector 25m roll Attest

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The flexible, self-adhesive wall guard fits all the characteristics of the flat wall protection and can be used as a replacement. Perfectly masks dirt and damage to the wall. Thanks to its flexible structure, it is possible to use it to protect walls with curved surfaces such as - columns, corners, recesses, wherever the surface specification makes it difficult to install an ordinary flat protector.

It comes in a self-adhesive version so that it can be quickly mounted on the walls. The protectors are also a decorative element of the interior, thanks to the wide range of colors you can match the color to almost any interior.

Can be also used on a door.

Available width: 110mm, 160mm, 210mm, 310mm.

colors of fenders

Has PAS certificate

The wall bumper / bumper tape is available in a self-adhesive version.

Before commencing assembly, it is important to measure a straight line of fusing the fender and to properly prime the wall. Priming will optimally connect the adhesive tape to the wall. When assembling long sections, it is very important to measure a straight line along which the fender tape will be glued. During fusing, the fenders must be stretched so that no undulations will be created after gluing.