Road plates

Road slabs are an excellent method of ground protection in sensitive areas. Road slabs are great for parking lots, construction sites or wherever a hard and smooth surface is needed. Road slabs are made of 100% recycled materials, which makes them environmentally friendly.
They come with 2 pre-drilled holes and can be quickly installed on a gravel or concrete surface using fence anchors (not included).

Road plates - temporary access roads, construction road mats

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Road plates are an innovative solution that helps in difficult terrain. It is an excellent way of economic and quick hardening of a given surface. Due to their durability, they are perfect for temporary parking lots, construction access roads, during mass events and outdoor events, for footpaths, warehouse yards or logistics centers, and for hardening any troublesome surfaces. There is no need to use specialized equipment for the installation of road plates, it is quick and simple.

Road slabs are universal, thanks to the possibility of their double-sided assembly, depending on the needs. Their material is resistant to mechanical damage, abrasion and weather conditions.

Road plates are a durable structure that allows them to be moved from place to place and used for many years. The product is environmentally friendly and is 100% recycled.

Access road plates for drilling and boring

Are swamps used to create a temporary access road to a remote location?

How do I transport vehicles to a construction site to a remote location or across a field?


The site survey team required country-wide access for their vans, oil rigs, and other company vehicles to reach a remote location.

Attempting to cross inaccessible, undulating fields would cause serious ruts and costly ground damage, not to mention delays and downtime in the project.

Can a road plate provide a cost effective solution?


After visiting and evaluating the site, we recommended road slabs as the ideal solution for creating a temporary access road.

Light, portable and easy to lay road slabs by hand without the need for expensive lifting equipment, the high grip road mats are designed to follow the contours of undulating ground.


The team was thrilled with our easy-to-maneuver reusable solution, which was set up quickly and hassle-free, allowing immediate access to the terrain for vehicles over rough terrain.

Advantages of road plates

Road slabs are an economical and time-effective option for laying unheated roads on the ground. The structure is based on stabilization by means of galvanized steel pipes 1.5 m long and 20/25 mm in diameter. Composite panels (wood chips, stone) are attached to the lower side of the pipes. When laying such a plate, it is recommended to follow the installation guidelines of an engineer or to hire a specialist for this work.

Examples of the use of road plates

Road slabs are suitable for strengthening temporary roads, heliports, airport runways, ski resort areas and all kinds of parking lots. Thanks to the double-sided ribbing of the boards, they can also be used in pedestrian zones or in sports arenas to create non-slip surfaces. The main application, however, is the production of parking lots and squares.

Road plates and ecology

The boards are made of recycled materials, which ensures a "green" structure. The plastic they are made of can be reused

in a different product so you can give them a "second life". The road plates are easy to install and remove, making them easy to transport and handle

from one place to another.

Road slabs are made of high-quality polyurethane material with a hardness of 90 Shore, making them particularly suitable for filling areas that have not been consolidated by natural processes and for strengthening terrain to increase the degree of consolidation.

Their thin sections also minimize the deformation of the substrate during use, facilitating the smooth passage of specialized equipment around the site.

They are also suitable for under-floor insulation in buildings.

Do road plates increase the comfort of work?

Road slabs are used to provide a flat, level surface for pedestrian or vehicle traffic on uneven terrain. Our road plates are specially designed for use on the road or in industrial areas where safety and reliability are paramount.

Our proven design incorporates a double-sided plate that is lower than the ground to assist with foot traffic and taller to ensure that vehicles do not leave the road. This provides safer conditions for all users of the area at affordable costs. Road slabs are a convenient solution in places where you cannot drive on lawns or boulevards. Unlike traditional road plates, the SafeWay plate is designed with double-sided plates.

This innovative technology makes the product safer and more comfortable for both pedestrian and wheeled traffic.

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