Road plate 41x41x5 cm 500 tonnes heavy duty without substructure

Road plate 41x41x5 cm 500 tonnes heavy duty without substructure

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Introducing the 41x41 cm road plate up to 500 tonnes - a durable, substructure-free surfacing solution

 HD is a highly durable, substructure-free surfacing grid available at an affordable price of 1 piece per square metre (6 pieces per square metre). With a height of 5 cm, this eco-friendly surfacing system is ideal for temporary access roads or paths. Best of all, it can be installed on level ground without the need to prepare a substructure. Its use is convenient especially for pedestrians.

Please note that we do not provide a nationwide declaration of performance (KOT) for this particular product.

The supermat HD surfacing mesh is suitable for temporary roads and car parks. With a dimensional stability of +/- 3%, the mesh may vary slightly in size between 423 mm and 397 mm by 1 metre. This is due to the properties of the material - it shrinks at low temperatures and expands at high temperatures.

When installing, a gap of approximately 3 cm from the edge is recommended. This allows the mesh to expand when exposed to higher temperatures.

If you are looking for a reliable and convenient solution for temporary access roads or paths, HD is the answer. It offers durability, convenience and affordability. , 

HD road superplates HD road tiles 41x41 cm offers many solutions to a variety of paving problems. Here are 10 problems it can solve:

No sub-base preparation: Because it requires no sub-base, HD is ideal for building temporary roads or paths quickly.

Load resistance: The mesh is strong and stable, so it can withstand heavy loads such as pedestrian or car traffic.

Ground settlement protection: The system ensures that the weight is evenly distributed, which minimises the risk of ground damage and settlement.

Water drainage: Thanks to special holes and spaces in the grid, HD drains water perfectly, eliminating the risk of puddles forming on the pavement.

Ease of transport and storage: The net is compact in size and easy to transport and store, making logistics easy and space-saving.

Quick and easy installation: the HD can be easily installed without the need for specialist equipment. This will save you time and installation costs.

Increased pavement life: The mesh protects the pavement from erosion, abrasion and damage, extending its life.

Comfortable walking: Thanks to the stability of the mesh, HD provides an even, comfortable walking surface, reducing the risk of tripping and injury.

Eco-friendly: This eco-friendly surfacing system is made from easily recyclable materials, contributing to sustainability.

Multiple uses: The grid can be used for a variety of purposes, such as the construction of temporary roads, car parks, fairgrounds or paths. This gives flexibility and versatility in the design of spaces.

With the above solutions, HD is an excellent choice for those looking for a durable, easy-to-use and versatile pavement without a substructure.



41x41 cm


5 cm

Quantity per sqm

6 pcs.

Wall thickness

8 mm


3.25 kg

Dimensional stability

+/- 3% ( -30°C to +50°C)




100% recycled polyethylene

Durability of material

Minimum 18 years

Load-bearing capacity

500 tonnes / m2 (without filling)

geo product
1098 Items

Data sheet

50 mm
zewnętrzne + wewnętrzne
Non slip
Ruch kołowy

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