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Based on many years of experience in the construction of entrance cleaning systems, we have developed an innovative system designed for cleaning vehicle wheels. It is a response to the market demand for a product for cleaning vehicle wheels, working in warehouses and halls where cleaning is required. This is efficiency and safety at the highest level.

Wheel wipers are an innovation combined with the convenience of each user.

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Wheel wipers are a guarantee of cleanliness and hygiene in any space. Thanks to them, you will protect the interior of your premises from dirt and moisture that can be carried by the wheels of trolleys, cars or other vehicles.

Any company or establishment that cares about the cleanliness of its premises should stock up on wheel wipers. These products are great for both industrial and commercial facilities. They are the perfect solution for warehouses, production halls, shops, as well as for recreational areas such as parks or sports grounds.

Our wheel mats are made from the highest quality raw materials, which are characterised by durability and abrasion resistance. They are designed to effectively remove dirt and moisture from wheels, while maintaining their functionality for a long time.

The choice of a wheel wiper depends on a number of factors, including the type and size of wheels the product will be dealing with. That's why we offer a wide range of wipers for different applications, so that everyone can find the right product for them.

We invite you to browse our range. We are confident that our wheel wipers will meet your expectations and contribute to keeping your place clean and hygienic. Contact us if you need help in choosing the right product. Our specialists are on hand to answer all your questions and match you with the right solution for your needs.

Products in the 'Wheel Wipers' category solve many cleaning problems in areas where vehicles or wheeled equipment are used. Here are some of the key problems that these products help to solve:

Keeping Clean: Wheel wipers are primarily designed to effectively remove dirt, mud and other debris from the wheels of vehicles or carts. As a result, the premises entered by these vehicles remain clean.

Preventing Damage to Floors: dirt and debris carried by the wheels can scratch or damage floors, especially those made of more delicate materials. Using wheel wipers helps to reduce this damage.

Reducing Maintenance Costs: Wheel wipers can help reduce maintenance costs, as effectively removing dirt from wheels before they enter the building can reduce the amount of time and resources needed for cleaning.

So, if you are a business owner, warehouse manager or manager of a public place, or more specifically anywhere where wheeled vehicles are used, these products can be a key element in keeping things clean and tidy

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