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Metal drive-on anti-slip ramp

Rampa najazdowa metalowa antypoślizgowa 4.56 1 5 32

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Metal ramps are a cleaning system ideal for use in places such as floor inlets or directly on the ground. This solution brings excellent results in the form of effective cleaning, as well as convenient access to the inlet. Above all, the ramps are extremely durable. They are able to function successfully even in a place where traffic is very intense. Not susceptible to deformation, they maintain the highest efficiency, but also guarantee safety. All this is due to the highest quality materials used to produce the product. These materials are resistant to high pressure, as well as to a change in pressure strength. In addition, it should be noted that they do not corrode and do not rust, so the ramps can be used outdoor. No weather conditions are an obstacle here. It should also be mentioned that ramps are a very effective cleaning system. The method of joining individual elements gives a very high efficiency when collecting dirt from under vehicle wheels. The dimensions of the ramp allow for convenient use even in larger inlets. Standard and corner ramps to choose from. Thanks to this, it is possible to adjust the shape of the product to the needs of the user. This obviously increases the comfort of using ramps, making them a product designed for a wide audience.

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- 60x100 cm 1000 PLN1,944.00 not available
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- 80x100 cm 1000 PLN2,667.00 not available
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- 100x100cm (rampa narożna) 1000 PLN3,206.00 not available
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