Office mats

Anti-fatigue and anti-slip office mats for sitting and standing work, certified and attested, ensure safe and ergonomic remote work at home.

The office mat is the basic element of the workplace equipment in the office

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What are office mats?

An office mat is an object with a large surface that has a mainly shock-absorbing function - it protects the surface and the person standing on it against damage to the floor, and improves blood circulation and relieves the joints of a person working in a standing mode. Its main task is to relieve the pressure force on the heel and the entire foot of an office worker and provides additional thermal protection by blocking the flow of cold stream to the footwear.

In addition, we distinguish office mats under the chair - this type of mat protects the floor against scratches on the running wheels of office chairs and office swivel chairs. Office mats for chairs are available in 3 thicknesses and in various colors and sizes adapted to the workplace. The most popular office mats for armchairs are colorless products - transparent with an upper surface resembling an orange peel. The mat is so smooth on the underside and rough on the top, which means that scratches from the seat wheels are not visible on the mat.

Relief office mats for standing work

This product is most often chosen by commercial offices, call centers, and mobile phone showrooms, where standing mode is a popular form of working position. Thanks to their properties, these mats ensure the highest level of work comfort, especially in workplaces where employee desks are adjustable in height. Ergonomic office mats relieving the load have special approvals and specialized tests to relieve the employee's spine and are also made in terms of anti-slip properties.

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