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Signage is a very important element of modern life, and the information mats we make are the most modern technology.

Information textiles, such as those from our company [company], are made of high-quality materials that ensure durability. As a result, they can be used for many years without losing their appearance and effectiveness. We offer a wide selection of mats with various types of prints that will serve you in countless ways:

-mats with information about promotions will allow your customers to learn about new products offered in your store

-mats with printed information about the direction of emergency exits will improve safety in the event of random events

- mats with information about the entrance number or other important information will be a necessary help for people visiting your facility

Information mats - doormat mats printed with the text and icon unnecessary help

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Information mats with information to customers and staff. Order a mat with information about the emergency exit direction, a mat with information about the promotion, a printed mat with the entry number or other important information.

The obligation of each workplace or public utility facility is appropriate marking, which improves safety in the event of random events. How do information mats cope in such places?

Information mat - safety in the workplace

Health and safety signs should appear on the pattern line in all places where there is a specific risk, or before entering rooms where there is a general risk.

Types of mats and their functions

The functions and type of information mats should be adapted to the needs of users. Information and visual mats are mainly made of nitrile rubber. The high weight of the information mats prevents them from displacing.

We divide the mats into warning and information mats. The former are resistant to light, discoloration and abrasion. The second, on the other hand, is used, for example, in shops to inform e.g. about the way to a specific department. They eliminate pollution and have anti-slip properties.

In shopping malls, the information mat can be used both to remove dirt and to notify customers about the hours and days of operation of stores.

Information mats - why is it worth it?

More and more companies are opting for additional floor markings for safety reasons.
The stickers are characterized by low durability, so information mats are a good solution.
Such a solution is characterized by high resistance and the possibility of individual size adjustment, thanks to which all information will be clearly visible.
The role of information mats is primarily to increase the safety of people on the premises of a given facility.

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