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Antistatic mats esd guarantee the proper functioning of many factories, where an accidental magnetic charge can damage manufactured products. Therefore, the store's offer is based on advanced and proven technologies and the highest quality products.

Electro static discharge (ESD) Matting the basis of many companies.

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Shocking stats of ESD mats

There is a growing demand for antistatic solutions in industrial and commercial environments.

What is an ESD antistatic mat?

Protective mat against electrostatic discharge ESD - neutralizes the electric charge accumulated on the surface

Static electricity is everywhere, especially in winter when the air becomes drier. In many facilities, people are one of the main generators of static electricity. The simple act of walking or even sitting on certain types of stools can generate several thousand volts on the human body.

Static build-up is usually imperceptible until it is discharged, known as electrostatic discharge (ESD). After dismissal, workers can experience extreme shock. If a discharge was felt, it was probably more than 2,000 volts. If the discharge was audible, it could be 3,000 to 5,000 volts. And if a blue spark appeared, the shock was most likely greater than 10,000 volts. If not properly controlled, the build-up of electrostatic charges can cause unpleasant shocks to workers as well as invisible damage to electrical components.

ESD antistatic mats are floor mats and work surfaces that protect workers from shocks caused by static electricity. They also protect sensitive electrical devices against damage.

In some places, sitting or walking on selected surfaces can generate as many as several thousand volts on the human body. This phenomenon is especially observed in winter, when the air is drier.

Until the static build-up is discharged, it is usually not noticeable. ESD (Electro-Static-Discharge) is the phenomenon of electrostatic discharge. Like lightning, static electricity constantly searches for the shortest path to earth. During the discharge, the worker may feel extreme shock, which can lead to unpleasant complications.

Types of ESD antistatic mats

In our offer of mats for workplaces you will find a wide selection of esd mats:

  • ESD antistatic floor mats
  • ESD countertop antistatic mats
  • ESD antistatic mats rubber flooring
  • ESD modular antistatic mats
  • ESD antistatic floor mats for server rooms
  • Colors of ESD antistatic mats

The most popular color is black and blue.

FAQ most frequently asking questions

ESD antistatic mat - what is it?

Electrostatic discharge can be a problem in some workplaces. They pose a potential hazard not only to personnel, but also to electrical components. Items such as chairs, countertops, packaging, and floors can create electrostatic charges which when released create electrostatic discharge.

Static discharges can lead to unpleasant shocks for workers as well as damage sensitive equipment. The solution in this case is the ESD antistatic mat, which is made of a durable material. This is usually rubber, vinyl foam or polyurethane foam. All these elements have antistatic properties, i.e. they remove charges from the mat surface.


ESD antistatic mats - what are the types?

The easiest division of ESD antistatic mats results from the places where they are unfolded:

  • ESD antistatic floor mats - they are used, as the name suggests, for floors. They are most often made of rubber, vinyl or polyurethane foam, as well as PVC with foam;
  • ESD antistatic mats for tables - they are used to cover workbenches on which equipment is placed or used for human work.

ESD antistatic mat - what are the accessories for esd mats?

Additional elements that complement the operation of antistatic mats are specialized ESD accessories, such as: foot grounding, wristbands, grounding cables and plugs.


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