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Coir mat plain and in patterns and with inscriptions. Coir mat in various sizes rubberised internally. Ideal for use in blocks of flats on staircases in front of flat entrance doors.

Coir mat Natural gummed  of various sizes

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The coconut doormats category on is a great place to find a variety of doormat models made from natural coconut fibre.

Coconut fibre is known for its strength and durability, making these doormats an ideal choice for those looking for products that can effectively retain dirt and moisture while providing long-lasting use. Coconut is also an eco-friendly material, which is an added bonus for conscious consumers.

Our range includes a wide range of designs and sizes, making it easy to find a doormat to suit your individual needs and style. Models with a simple, universal design are available, such as the "Coir doormat in checkered brown Tartan 2" or the "Coir doormat on PVC backing".

However, we also have no shortage of products with more sophisticated and creative designs. "Coconut cat doormat", for example, is an interesting choice for lovers of these adorable animals. If you are looking for something original, the model with the inscription "Good morning welcome doormat" will certainly catch the eye.

What is a home without a warm welcome? Our coconut doormats are not only practical but also inviting home furnishings. All our products are carefully selected to provide maximum functionality and aesthetics.

By sourcing coconut doormats from our range, you can easily keep your home's entrance clean and also add some personality to your home with aesthetically pleasing and interesting designs. We invite you to take advantage of our offer!

Doormats are an element of home décor that is often overlooked. This is a mistake, as it is, in a way, the business card of the flat and one of the first elements a visitor comes into contact with. Doormats should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. Their primary function is to clean shoes from all kinds of dirt. The offer of our shop includes coconut doormats, which, apart from their dirt-absorbing properties, look extremely attractive.

These doormats are made of high-quality coconut fibre, which absorb water very well and are resistant to kneading and mechanical damage. These qualities, allow us to enjoy the product for a very long time. In addition, coconut fibre is ecological and will probably satisfy those who prefer natural materials.

Coir mats are an element of the interior design that is often overlooked. This is a mistake, because it is, in a way, the showpiece of the apartment and one of the first elements with which the guest comes into contact. Coir mat should not only be aesthetic but also practical. Their basic function is cleaning shoes from various types of dirt. Our store's offer includes coir mats, which, in addition to their dirt-absorbing properties, look very attractive.

These coir mats are made of high-quality coconut fiber, which absorb water very well, and are also resistant to kneading and mechanical damage. These qualities allow us to enjoy the product for a very long time. In addition, coconut fiber is ecological and this choice will probably satisfy the fans of natural materials.

The richness of colors and patterns of coir mats, which encourage guests to visit our house, will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. These coir mats will prove themselves especially in the autumn and winter period, where we deal with a lot of dirt on the footwear.

We have the largest selection of coir mats  in various designs and colors. Each offered coir mat has a Guarantee and a unique pattern.

The most frequently chosen coir mats in the largest online store are:

- coir mats cats

- coir mats  Good morning

- home sweet home coir mats

- coir mats in autumn leaves

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