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An Aluminium doormat is an essential piece of equipment for homes and flats, as well as factories and public facilities.

Their main function is to trap dirt and prevent it from entering the interior. If the aluminium doormats in front of the front door are properly selected and appropriately absorbent, they effectively collect rainwater, mud or melting snow, as well as any other dirt that can be carried on shoes. In addition, appropriately designed aluminium mats for outdoors blend in perfectly with the body of the building and perform an aesthetic function.

For this reason, we have developed our own range of aluminium doormats. Our product range includes large door mats, outdoor shoe mats, office aluminium doormats and shop entrance mats. System doormats, facility doormats and outdoor industrial doormats are also an important product group. The large group of products makes it difficult to choose one model for specific needs.

To make sure you choose the right mat for your needs and the specifics of your building, we recommend that you consult our consultants before buying anything from online or offline shops

When choosing an aluminium mat, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Firstly, consider the material of manufacture. It is important that the material used for doormats is durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Many people choose synthetic materials, which are easy to clean and maintain. But if you want a more natural look, natural materials such as cork or coconut fibre may be more suitable.

Secondly, you want to choose a product with good traction so that it can withstand heavy foot traffic without slipping on wet surfaces. Rubber flooring will provide better traction than fabric or other materials that will easily get wet and become slippery when wet.

Thirdly, pay attention to how easy it is to install a new aluminium mat. While some products come pre-assembled and ready to install right out of the box, others require additional tools or equipment before they can be installed on a concrete floor outside your home or place of business.

The  aluminium doormats offered at supermats are designed to withstand heavy traffic and integrate seamlessly into the ground. They are the perfect choice for any facility!

We tailor all our products to the technical conditions of your facility, so you can be sure that you are getting a durable and safe solution for your entrance.

We provide installation support at no extra charge if you order from our online shop. Our products are made from a combination of indoor system mats and outdoor mats, so they effectively keep the area clean.

The group of products we offer are recessed outdoor and indoor system doormats.

Recessed  aluminium doormats are the best way to keep floors clean.

They are a highly effective and aesthetically pleasing solution that can be installed in the grooves of your floor. They consist of aluminium or stainless steel frames. These ensure that the cleaning elements adhere stably to the floor and are protected from damage.

Recessed  aluminium mats are very effective at collecting water and dirt, especially as they can be fitted with drainage systems. This is a sediment trap in the form of a special container, which is located under the cleaning elements. Its function is to collect excess water and other dirt, which can then be discharged into the rainwater system. As a result, the aluminum doormats are characterised by the highest performance.

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