Non slip mats

Anti-slip mats are products of the highest quality, whose task is to maintain maximum safety. Their structure and appearance depends only on individual taste. That is why the offer consists of many solutions, both for floors and stairs, allowing employees and guests to operate freely.

Non-slip mats available from us are a choice of the best products.

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The advantages of non-slip mats

The anti-slip mats we offer can be washed and maintained with detergents available on the market, without fear of losing their original properties. The advantage of these products is a properly constructed drainage system that effectively drains water and other liquids, leaving the substrate dry. Perfect and aesthetically made anti-slip mats from our commercial offer, you can use as a single element, as well as create sets from them. These are products that perfectly connect with each other with the help of appropriately cut grooves, resembling a puzzle with their shape. This makes it possible to combine several products into one rubber pavement.

Where can anti-slip mats be used?

The anti-slip mats we offer can be used both inside and outside. They are perfect for slippery stairs or as a doormat, also used to clean shoes from mud, snow, sand or clay. Some of the models we offer are distinguished by an openwork pattern, which means that these products also serve as decorations of the place where they are located. The use of nitrile rubber means that these products do not react to chemical substances in the form of oils and greases, therefore they can also be found in home garages, utility rooms or small industrial, production or catering establishments.

We offer a non-slip rubber mat, a custom-made non-slip mat, a non-slip mat for employees, an external anti-slip mat, an internal anti-slip mat. The offered products have approvals and tests depending on the selected model.

In our store you will find the largest selection of popular anti-slip mats:

non-slip mat for the shower tray

non-slip mat under the carpet

non-slip mat for the car

non-slip bath mat

non-slip mat for bathroom

non-slip mats for the bathtub

non-slip bathroom mat

non-slip mat for the bathtub

non-slip shower mat

non-slip rubber mat

non-slip exercise mat

non-slip mat for drawers

non-slip mat by the meter

Dimensions of the non-slip mat

We know perfectly well that each surface is different and that different customers have individual needs. That is why our offer includes a wide selection of mat sizes. These can be standard dimensions such as: 40x60, 50x50, 60x90, 80x120, 90x150, 100x150, 120x180, 120x300 cm. It is also possible to buy mats made of rolls by the meter or to size according to the customer's expectations, so that everyone will find something for themselves.

Can anti-slip mats be used outdoors?

Non-slip mats protect against serious falls and ensure stability of machines. This product is also priceless in transport. Thanks to durable materials and high resistance to changing weather conditions, most models can be successfully used outside buildings, landings, stairs, as well as on landings, exits and ramps.

How much do anti-slip mats cost?

The cost of this product depends primarily on the quality of the material used as well as tests and approvals. The prices range from PLN 3.90 to PLN 12,000, which means that every customer will find a solution for their pocket.

How to order non-slip mats?

We cordially invite you to place an order for mats directly in the system of our online store. It is extremely simple. However, if there are any difficulties, it is possible to place an order via an inquiry that you send to our e-mail address.

How much does the transport of anti-slip mats cost?

The shipping price of this product depends on several factors. The first is the number of mats and their thickness, which defines the weight of the entire transport. Smaller mats are usually sent by Inpost courier, while larger transports are carried out by DPD or DB Schenker on pallets, or in individual cases by our own full truckload transport.


The non-slip mat ensures safety. Its use is very wide, so we know how important it is to use carefully selected materials in the production.

We are sure that our products are one of the best mats on the market, so we give them a 2-year warranty, and even 5 years for selected models.

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