Entrance Matting

Entrance mats are practical and extremely useful solutions. They are solutions for the entry zone for all private and industrial premises as well as commercial premises. Such products, offered by our store supermaty are distinguished primarily by high quality and diversity. By using various entrance mats, you can freely choose the right arrangement, allowing you to maintain the safety of those using them.

Entrance Matting

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Entrance mat Deco Design doormat

From Price PLN129.36

Decorative dirt catching mats are available in a wide range of styles: fashionable, attractive, funky, retro, thanks to which they will fit any decor and any color. A high-quality, multi-purpose dirt-catching mat cleans and dries the soles, preventing dirt from entering buildings. According to DIN 54006, we guarantee the highest durability of colors.

Clin doormat with rubber backing various dimensions 6 mm

From Price PLN13.81

attractive mats and doormats for every interior

A great product - Clin doormat 80x120 - belongs to a series of doormats and mats in a rich color scheme and a durable finish. Perfect for assembly, it fits well with other equipment. Good price and great quality have been our priority for years. The doormat is a guarantee of quality, safety and hygiene. Attractive prices.

Entrance mats are a good choice

Entrance mats are a practical and extremely useful solution. They are solutions for the entrance areas of all private, industrial and commercial premises.
The products offered in our Supermats store are particularly known for their high quality and variety.

Durability and entrance mats

Thanks to the use of various entrance mats, it is possible to freely select the correct arrangement to ensure the safety of the personnel who operate them, if the entrance mats are indicated.

Our company offers such products as: gummed entrance mat, custom-made entrance mat, entrance mat with a logo and a rubber entrance mat.
An interesting fact is that customers most often choose the following: entrance mat 120x180, entrance mat 90x120 and entrance mat 90x150.

One of the most effective cleaning entrance mats, which can pick up sticky dirt and is suitable for frequent cleaning. Its construction allows it to meet the most stringent requirements. Not only does it exhibit excellent durability, it also provides a palette of 14 standard colors, making it also an excellent decoration for entrances to public buildings, industrial facilities and production plants. It is therefore worth choosing one of the entrance mats.

Entrance mats will significantly help to keep the building and entrances to the rooms clean. By absorbing moisture and dirt, it significantly reduces the need for cleaning while extending the life of the floor. In addition, the entrance mat provides greater safety, keeping the floor dry.

Entrance mats are commonly used to prevent slippage and to protect building interiors from contamination. It is also a kind of decorative object that can emphasize the character of a given object. It is true that in houses and apartments we usually meet traditional doormats, but in public buildings, entrance mats that are adapted to high traffic and changing weather conditions are much better suited. What types of entrance mats do we distinguish?

Entrance mats - what are they for?

The main task of entrance mats is, of course, to keep dirt, moisture and other contaminants from getting through the sole of the shoe. Object mats work well even in extreme weather conditions. A well-chosen mat allows you to eliminate the problem of brought in dirt, which allows you to reduce the frequency of cleaning the facility.

Entrance mats are very durable, which guarantees their trouble-free use and impeccable appearance for a long time. Object mats are mainly used in shopping centers, sports facilities, receptions, clinics, shops, hotels and wherever there is a lot of traffic. They are perfect where floors are exposed to intensive use and pollution from the outside. Mats are a way to protect floors, improve safety in difficult weather conditions (mats reduce the risk of slipping) and provide a nice and cozy visual effect.

The possibility of creating an entrance mat with a logo is also an opportunity for an interesting promotion of the company and individual matching of the mat to the nature of the business.

What types of mats do we distinguish?

  • Standard mats

Classic mats can be used universally. This means that they are perfect for protecting floors against dirt and moisture. Among them, nylon mats and those made of plastic, cotton are very popular. Coconut doormats, which have recently been introduced to the market, are also very popular, and will work well in the case of residential houses.

Standard mats are divided according to their application. They can be:

Moisture absorbing mats - made of soft fibers that absorb moisture very well. This means that water brought in from the outside is eliminated to the maximum;

Snow removal mats - this is a product that will, of course, work very well in winter.

Snow mats protect against mud and snow and constitute a barrier that also retains sand and salt. Long fibers ensure the collection of dirt even from winter footwear with a thick sole.

  • Combined mats

A relatively new technique is to combine different materials and fiber weaves for comprehensive protection against contamination. This solution is extremely versatile and multifunctional, and the individual parts of the mat play a different role. As a result, the entrance mat absorbs moisture, sweeps dirt off the sole and dries shoes. Combined mats are used primarily in public buildings with high traffic.

  • Anti-fatigue mat

Anti-fatigue mats are an innovative solution that ensures ergonomics at work. They are placed in places where employees are exposed to the negative effects of many hours of performing their duties in

FAQ most frequently asking questions

Entrance mats - where to use them?

Before choosing the right mat system, we always encourage you to consult a specialist who will advise you on the right mats and help in choosing, for example, determining replacement cycles

Entrance mats are used in many places. These include: public utility buildings, airports, stations, restaurants, receptions, in companies, banks, hospitals, in corridors or in front of elevators.

The Supermaty company offers the highest quality entrance mats, including gummed doormats and custom-made entrance mats. Standard mats in combination with external mats will provide an ideal barrier against dirt and moisture coming from the outside.

Gummed rubber mats and carpet doormats are often used not only as protection against dirt, but also to soundproof rooms. If we care about the long life of entrance mats, we strongly advise against products that are available in most stores. They are characterized by low durability and often do not meet basic quality standards.


Object mats - why is it worth using them?

An undoubted advantage of object doormats is the fact that they are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, moisture and corrosion. The doormat stays clean and dry thanks to the drainage holes that allow moisture to escape. A wide selection of patterns and colors ensures that the entrance mat is matched to the nature of the business. On the other hand, the possibility of printing your own logo means that the company doormat can be 100% personalized, which will prove the professionalism of the place where it will be located.

The aesthetic object mat is an important showcase - it is almost the first thing every person visiting the facility encounters. However, it is not only an object with a decorative function. Helps contain dirt and moisture and keeps you safe.


Entrance mats for residential houses?

Doormats for residential houses are an issue that is present in every residential building. Not only its aesthetic but also functional values deserve attention. Often when making a purchase in a supermarket, we focus only on the visual aspects, completely forgetting about the practical properties. In the Supermaty store you will find home doormats that are both elegant, solid and practical.

By choosing solid entrance mats, we significantly reduce the amount of sand, mud and other contaminants entering the interior of the apartment. There are both textile doormats, coconut doormats, as well as rubber or metal doormats.


What entrance mats should be used in commercial and office facilities?


Which entrance mats should be used for industrial facilities?

The industrial mats must be the most durable. The most common variant is a rubber doormat or an aluminum doormat, but it all depends on the nature of the object. Then, in such facilities, industrial mats can be embedded in the drive-on profiles, which facilitate the access of heavy machines on the marshy terrain.


Should the entrance mat be kept outside in freezing temperatures?

The entrance mat is the perfect solution to trap dirt and moisture brought in by people entering the building. Entrance mats can be placed both in front of the entrance and inside the facility.

They work well wherever traffic is high, and due to the durable materials used in production, they are resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage.

However, can they be used in winter, when frost is coming and there are other unfavorable weather conditions?


Entrance mat - is it an effective way to eliminate contamination?

Shoe doormats are used, among others, in: homes, factories, warehouses, shops, public buildings, airports, and in transport. They ensure optimal cleaning and anti-slip properties in every place.

Their size is also important. How to choose the right surface of the entrance mat to the facility?

Public utility buildings are visited by hundreds or even thousands of customers every day. Therefore, these places are most exposed to the introduction of contaminants into the interior in the form of dirt, dust, mud, sand, snow or moisture. As a result, not only the aesthetics of the interior is disturbed, but also the risk of dangerous incidents due to skidding increases. Hygiene, which is so desirable in these places, can also be disturbed in medical and catering facilities.

The best solution in such cases is, of course, the use of products such as a doormat. The position of the entrance mats should be carefully planned. The specificity of the building will determine whether an internal or external doormat should be used in a given facility.


Shoe cleaning entry zones - what are the types of zones?

The most popular solution is the division into cleaning zones:

  • The first zone - it is placed in front of the building in order to remove the largest contaminants - usually rubber entrance mats or aluminum system doormats are used;
  • The second zone - cleans the shoes of remaining dirt - it is recommended to use laundry entrance mats or aluminum mats with a textile and rubber insert,
  • The third zone - eliminates minor impurities such as sand, dust and moisture - here an entrance mat that absorbs laundry washing dirt is recommended.

Traffic volume and the area of the entrance mat what should it be?

Choosing the right doormat depends primarily on the number of people who are in the building every day. Typically, there are three types of traffic intensity:

  • Up to 250 people per day (normal);
  • Up to 2000 people (increased);
  • NS. 2000 people (very large).

In the case of the first type, shoe mats with an area of 4 to 6 m2 are a good solution. In the second type, from 12 to 18 m2, while during the highest pedestrian traffic it is a minimum of 27 to even 36 m2.

It should be remembered that not only the surface of the mat is important, but also its height. For a small flow of visitors it is 12 mm, for larger - 22 mm thick.


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