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Rubber mats are made of high quality natural, sbr, nitrile rubber. Rubber mats have ideal anti-slip properties thanks to which they significantly reduce the risk of slipping on slippery surfaces. When using special rubber and rubber-like materials in the production process, rubber mats are resistant to changing weather conditions and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We offer rubber mats of all types for all possible applications.

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The rubber mats available in our offer are characterized by excellent anti-slip properties. They are used wherever surfaces may be wet and very slippery, and thus very dangerous. Unfortunate accidents caused by such a surface can have dire consequences. Rubber mats are an optimal and inexpensive solution that will ensure safety in the place where they will be placed. Due to their durability and resistance to conditions, they can be successfully used in buildings and outdoors.

The rubber mat can be used in:

- surface protection

- elevators, vans and trucks,

- gyms and fitness clubs

- warehouses and production halls

- swimming pools and SPA centers

High-quality materials used in the production of mats ensure their long durability and resistance to external factors. The flexibility of these products makes them easy to process and install. They can be used even in the toughest conditions.

In our store you will find the largest selection of rubber mats:

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openwork rubber mat doormat

thick rubber mat

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Warsaw rubber mats

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rubber mat for the playground

The rubber mats that you can find in our offer are a high-quality product with anti-slip properties. Their surface makes it possible to use them even in difficult conditions. Whether it's water, mud, slippery surfaces, mats are a great solution to keep you safe. The use of this product undoubtedly affects health protection and reduces the risk of serious falls. Due to their solid and durable structure, they can be used both inside and outside buildings.

What are rubber mats

It is a form of thick lining, available in various sizes, with the possibility of cutting to specific customer expectations. It is a product characterized by high durability and anti-slip properties, which makes it an important element ensuring safety, even in difficult conditions. They owe their popularity to extremely easy assembly and simple processing. Rubber mats are also undemanding to care.

What are rubber mats for

Due to their versatility, rubber mats have a wide range of applications. They can be used, for example, as doormats, protect against falling or protect surfaces against damage. It is also an important element of warehouse and production halls equipment. They are often seen in transport, buses and coaches. They are used in playgrounds, outdoor gyms and fitness clubs. They are an important security feature in swimming pools and SPA centers.

Dimensions of rubber mats

The standard and universal solution are the dimensions: 40x60, 60x90, 50x100, 80x120, 90x150, 100x150, 120x180 cm. However, it is possible to individually order a specific size of rubber mats. Our store also allows you to buy mats by the meter of rolls.

Colors of rubber mats

A rubber mat is a product that comes in various colors, but the most popular version remains black. In addition to this color, depending on the model, the rubber mat comes in a shade of gray, red or blue.

Types of rubber mats

Rubber mats are a product of the 21st century. The technologies used in production enable their very wide use. Among the most popular versions of this product, we mainly replace rubber mats before entering buildings, which are made to size according to the customer's wishes. They can also be openwork rubber mats of different height and hardness. Other recommended models that you can find in our store are also: openwork rubber mat, rubber floor mat, doormat, openwork rubber mat, thick rubber mat, non-slip rubber mat, rubber mat - Industry, rubber mat for playground, rubber mat for gym, rubber mat for the workshop, rubber mat - Mats, puzzle rubber mat, rubber mat by the meter, rubber mat for the trunk, rubber mat for the garage, rubber roller mat, rubber mats Warsaw, rubber mats for children floor, rubber non-slip mats ,, self-adhesive soundproofing rubber mats, rubber mat for the trunk,, road rubber mats, rubber mats for the game, non-slip rubber mats, rubber mats Warsaw, non-slip rubber mats transport, rubber soundproofing mats for boats, rubber mat for the trunk, rubber mat for the yard play.

FAQ most frequently asking questions

Can I order a rubber mat to size?

This is how you can order custom-made rubber mats. We can produce a rubber mat to a specific customer size, but only for selected models of rubber mats:

  • dim-40x60_cm_122_miejsca_na_szczoteczki we weld the mat and you can make any size e.g. 130x275 cm
  • dim-za_m2 we can seal the mat joints, you can order any size and number of rubber mats to size.
  • The smallest size that can be made is a minimum width of 40 cm and a maximum length of 15 meters.

Why is the cost of transporting large and several rubber mats high from 50 to 200 PLN?

Courier companies such as DPD, Inpost, DHL deliver parcels mainly with a maximum length of 150 cm and weighing up to 30 kg. Rubber mats in the size of e.g. 100x150 cm, height 23 mm, depending on the model, weigh from 18 to even 24 kg, so if the customer orders 3 or 5 items, we must send the order on a non-standard pallet with a size of 100x150 cm to a weight of 200 kg or send in 3 or 5 non-standard parcels.

foreign shipping will be even more expensive due to the distance from Poland to the destination country and we calculate this individually for the customer.


Do you choose a rubber mat for the application and its location?

This is how we select rubber mats to meet the customer's needs. For this purpose, we need information about:

- the size of the rubber mat

- application - what is it to be used for, whether as a doormat for rubber shoes or as a rubber underlay mat, e.g. for a table worktop or as an antistatic rubber mat for server rooms or other applications that the customer needs

- location - in what room and in what locality the mat is to be located


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