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Logo matting - Mats with logos - image mats are an excellent form of promotion, enabling the display of the name of a company or enterprise. Their implementation depends on individual needs and expectations. This solution is also an ideal idea for arranging the entrance space, adding its elegance and style. Mats with the logo will also prevent the transfer of dirt into the interior of the objects.

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Are you looking for cheap mats with a logo or floor coverings with a print or logo or a rubber mat with a logo? All these products can be found in our online store supermaty.pl. You can order a mat with your company logo or a photo - graphics. We make mat designs free of charge.

We deliver mats to the indicated address throughout Europe. Warranty 2 to 5 years depending on the logomat model.

What is a logo mat?

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when we say logo mats ?

I bet you said " entrance mat " or " doormat " right ?

I bet some of you thought "chocolate" but no problem, chocolate is always the right answer.

While it is true that most logo mats are used in entrances, they can be used for more than just a doormat. Sure, you can have a logo or corporate design on you, or even a bold pale pink ... but I'm here to tell you that with our logo mats you can print anything.

Anything. Of course you can print your own design ... but did you know that we can also print 3D images or even photos? This means you can use it for many other things ...

I mean think about it, you can print a picture of yourself and your dog playing at sunset on a warm summer evening, and even make yourself a Photoshopped Rose face with Jack holding you close to the Titanic ...

And why settle with a rectangle or a square mat? Unleash your creative beast with our logo mats which can be cut into circles, half-moons or even arches! The uses you could have for a logo mat could be endless like my love for dogs and biscuits (not dog biscuits).

If you’re struggling to get over the image of yourself as Rose on the Titanic then let me give you a few ideas of what you could use a logo mat for.

The sizes of the mat with the logo

The most popular sizes of mats with a logo are 60x40, 85x120, 90x150, 85x150 cm and 115x180 cm, 120x180 cm. We can make any size of the mat with a print, graphic or company logo, symbol. We have mats with logos in every price range that takes into account the customer's needs. We make mats for customers up to 20 meters long.

How to order a mat design?

Send us an inquiry by e-mail, including information about the size of the mat with the logo, background color and send us the graphics, logo, symbol or text we want to put on the visualization, which you will receive by e-mail for free within 48 hours.

How much does the logo mat design cost?

Designs - visualizations of wiper mats with the logo are free. All you need to do is send us an inquiry or order a mat in the online store and send the guidelines in the comments to the order and add your logo, sign or graphics.

Is a logo doormat a logo mat?

Yes - mats with a logo and doormats with a logo are the same product that you can order in our online store with safe delivery to your home, company or office.

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Corporate logo on the entrance mat - is it a great way to promote?


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