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A mat for cows to fit the lair, free-standing tied barns

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Hello farmers!

Here are supermats. We know you are busy, so we'll keep it short. We have a product that will save you time, money and the health of your pets. It is called a cow mat.

The cow mat is the first indelible plastic mat designed for dairy cows.

Unlike other mats on the market, the cow mat is durable - up to ten years - and can withstand contact with urine, manure and chemicals.

It also has a non-slip surface that provides excellent wet and dry grip. This means fewer slips, falls and injuries for cows (which means less money spent on treatment bills), as well as a reduction in the incidence of mastitis and infertility.

The cow mat is the perfect addition to your farm as it will increase the quality and yield of the milk your cows produce, while increasing their comfort and safety.

Cow mats - The professional solution for your barn

The category "Mats for Cows" on our website is dedicated to professional quality forms for breeding cows. Ensure the comfort of your animals by guaranteeing good conditions that will positively affect their health and production.

Wide Selection of Breeding Mats offers a wide selection of cow barn mats. Our bed mats come in various dimensions (such as 183 x 112.5 x 6.2 cm, 1800 x 1120 x 28 mm) to suit both tethered and free-stall barns. In contrast, breeding mats (for example, 200 x 23 x 2 cm) are used for other breeding purposes. The use of bedding and breeding mats in barns helps to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, which promotes the health of the livestock.

Regulations and Standards

Remember that the regulations for providing suitable housing for cows are strictly regulated. When you choose mats from our website, you can be sure that they meet all legal requirements - both national and European Union regulations. Our bedding mats are designed with the welfare of each individual cow in mind, guaranteeing the right thickness of bedding, the right firmness and flexibility.

There's a reason why many farms choose our mats - it's an investment that translates into healthier, happier animals and, in turn, higher productivity. Take advantage of our offer and provide the best conditions for your animals!

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