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Horse mats are an extremely durable, safe, comfortable and practical solution. They allow you to create a solid, even surface under the horse's hoof, which has a positive effect on his motor system and allows you to feel comfortable in a box or a stable. Stable mats for horses are also a much safer base than, for example, a concrete floor, which is often found in stables.

Horse mats are a universal, and at the same time extremely practical accessory, which will be useful not only for the owners of each stable, but also for all its ungulates for many years.

Horse mats provide horses with a safe and suitable base in the stable, resistant to many factors, both internal and external.

Horse breeding mats are extremely durable and resistant to many factors.

This is due to the fact that they are made of high-quality materials that allow them to be used effectively in various weather conditions and withstand the constant trampling of horses' hooves. Stable mats for horses are also resistant to moisture and do not absorb it, so they can be used on concrete floors - they will never rot or turn into slippery silt.

Lair mats for a tether barn - what to choose?

Is cow comfort important to you? As every grower knows, the right equipment can make or break.

This is especially true for trapped barns where injuries to the cows 'fore and hind limbs may result from discomfort during rest, which can lead to many complications of cows' poor appetite and, consequently, reduced reproductive performance or efficiency.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved by using mats in imprisoned barns, which have increased flexibility and excellent softness. This type of mat has proven to be effective because the comfort of the cows has a direct impact on the profitability of the production.

Roller mats are a great solution for the interior of your stable. You don't have to adapt your designs to the sizes of the mats available on the market. Because when planning, especially for sleeping places, we do not have to adapt our projects to the sizes of mats available on the market. In many cases, a convenient solution are rolled lying mats, which do not limit the length of the bed and have exactly the same physical properties as the mats in the form. We are only limited by the width of the roll.

Roller mats reduce the risk of injuries to joints and hooves, and the slope of the back of the mat makes it easier to drain fluids.

You want the best for your cows. You know that they will only be able to produce the most milk and thrive when they are happy, safe, and comfortable.

The key to their comfort is the right floor in the barn. Rubber sleeping mats are the best solution for many reasons: They are resistant to liquids, have a non-slip surface, and thanks to their flexibility they provide a soft but stable base.

But maybe you already know all this. What you really want to know is how the rubber mats help your cows rest. It's true that they only spend a few hours a day doing this, but it's also true that the amount of time they rest determines the amount of milk they produce.

You need lying mats for dairy cows - mats that will give your animals the joy of resting, and thus the joy of hard work for you!

Cow bed mats should also be equipped with farrowing boxes, the properties of which - including the ability to maintain a high level of hygiene - will be of great importance for your herd.

Lair mats - what are their advantages?

The best solution is to invest in lying mats.

We know how hard a farmer's job is, so we believe that it is best to invest but earn in the future and save time and animal losses at the same time.

The main advantage of using mats is the reduction of the farmer's labor consumption in servicing lairs, easy maintenance of animals' cleanliness and lower manure production.

The top surface creates a non-slip structure that protects the animals from falling, and the rear part has a gentle slope that allows the manure to flow spontaneously towards the manure pit.

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