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Windshield wipers are home furnishings that help us keep floors clean even in the most inclement weather. When choosing the right one for you, you should consider where they are to be used. If we want to place them outside the house or building, the best solution will be metal wipers. In our offer you can find metal doormats that perfectly cope with retaining even the largest dirt. They are practical, durable and easy to clean. Our metal wipers are resistant to corrosion, deformation and breakage due to the highest quality materials. So they can be used for a very long time without losing their properties. We offer wipers in many different sizes and shapes, with different densities. As a result, each of our customers can find the perfect solution that will suit their needs. What connects our wipers is a very attractive price.

Metal doormats for shoes

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Types of metal doormats.

Metal doormats are an indispensable element of every home's equipment, which is irreplaceable when it comes to keeping the floor clean. When choosing a product for yourself, you must take into account where it is to be used. If we buy a doormat with a view to placing it outside, metal doormats will be the best in this case.

Our assortment includes metal doormats that perfectly remove all possible dirt. They are practical, easy to clean and durable. Thanks to the manufacture of the doormat from the highest quality materials, our products are resistant to corrosion, all kinds of breakage and deformation. Made of solid aluminum, most often with a ribbed structure, which greatly facilitates the removal of any dirt from shoes.

The metal doormats that we present to you have additional cleaning elements.

In addition to the insert, they can also contain a brush insert. It is a replaceable element, thanks to which the metal external doormat should last longer than the average doormat, regardless of weather conditions. We can choose from several types of metal doormats.

Aluminum doormat with rubber insert h 19 beta

Aluminum doormat ALFA 12 mm, textile alumata

Aluminum Beta Gamma h 19 mm doormat with a rubber brush

Doormat, aluminum brush, rubber 12 mm Beta gamma

Milano aluminum doormat with a custom-made brush h

Metal doormat in rmetal

Metal doormat in a metal frame

Metal, galvanized doormat in a metal frame

Metal, galvanized, serrated doormat in a 40x60, 59x59 cm frame

Openwork rubber doormat in a metal frame 40x60 50x100 cm

Metal doormat to be built into paving stones

Doormat to be built into metal paving stones

The grating doormat in a plastic box

Metal doormat in a plastic box 40x60 52x77 cm

Metal doormat with a wavy lattice in a 40x60 cm plastic box

Galvanized doormat in a plastic box 60x40 cm

FAQ most frequently asking questions

Rubber or metal doormats - Which doormats are better to choose?

Shoe wipers are used almost every day, regardless of the weather conditions. It is important to remove any unwanted dirt from under the surface of the shoe before entering the apartment or facility.

Only high-quality wipers cope with such a task. So what kind of doormats should you choose so that they fulfill their role properly?

Metal doormats

Metal shoe mats are usually made of aluminum. They are used both as internal and external doormats. They are characterized by high durability and resistance to weather conditions. They effectively remove dirt of all origins. Thanks to their durable structure, they ensure high stability. Metal doormats are usually mounted in a special assembly frame or in a groove in the floor.


Its structure is not as complex as in the case of a metal doormat, but its effectiveness remains at a very similar level.

The structure of the rubber doormat resembles a honeycomb.

The material of this type of wiper is important.

It is best if it is a fully hardenable elastic rubber.

The advantage of rubber doormats is, above all, high resistance to weather conditions, anti-slip properties and the possibility of joining them into modules using push-in connectors. Thanks to this, you can adjust the rubber mats to individual needs.

A metal doormat or a rubber doormat - which one to choose?

It is assumed that a rubber doormat will be a good solution for warehouses, shops and factories, where it will facilitate cleaning and increase the safety of employees. The rubber doormat can also be used in places where there is circular traffic.

A metal doormat is a good solution for public administration buildings or offices.

It emphasizes the individual character and elegance of the interior.

Therefore, when choosing doormats for shoes, it is worth considering their purpose.


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