Artificial Grasses

Synthetic decorative grass is intended for recreational and landscape purposes.

It is used for spatial arrangements in the home, garden (gazebos, terrace, balcony, swimming pool) and in public places (e.g. roundabout, picnic area). Harmoniously and permanently arranges the space. It saves time that should be devoted to the care of a natural lawn. Does not require mowing, fertilizing or watering. Weatherproof. It gives the effect of a naturally cut lawn.

Synthetisch decoratief gras in rollen, verschillende maten, puzzels.

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It is impossible, but in today's "era of concrete" grass is blooming in the buildings of large Corporations ... Were it not for the fact that no one is watering it, one could have sworn that it is a natural turf. Artificial grass is, since the advent of the so-called Chillout rooms, a real arrangement hit, which will work not only in the aforementioned relaxation zones for employees in business organizations, but also in every residential and public space.

A carpet with an artificial grass effect is designed to imitate green turf. Perfectly trimmed and free from any discoloration, artificial grass is an interesting composition element and allows to achieve great decorative results.

Interior designers often use artificial grass to realize their artistic visions. Following the decorators' inspiration, you can change your garden, terrace or hall, giving a given space a fresh character. By attaching artificial grass to the balcony railing, you can not only protect yourself from the unpleasant sight of onlookers, but also protect surfaces from the adverse effects of various weather conditions.

A floor covering made of artificial grass is resistant to frosts, UV rays, and when mounted on a fence or fence, it can act as an additional barrier against strong winds.

Regardless of the season and the weather, artificial grass always stays green and does not lose its density. The charm of the carpet, which resembles an artificial lawn, is hidden in its roots ... or more precisely - in the fact that the synthetic blades are made of latex, which is highly resistant to any damage, including mechanical damage.

Instead of waiting for the seeds of real grass to germinate in our garden, it is worth getting a carpet made of artificial grass that will be green even in the middle of winter.

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