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The sorbent mat is an ideal patent in every workshop, production hall or wherever there are leakages of oil, oil, grease, as well as other substances harmful to the environment. Because sorbents absorb liquids, thus preventing any danger that could be caused by the further spread of chemicals.

Sorbent mats can be successfully used inside and outside buildings, because these mats do not absorb water and are resistant to all mechanical factors.

Due to the variety of applications, sorbents are divided into mats, rolls and sleeves. Sorbent mats are used to protect small spaces. Roll-shaped sorbents are perfect for larger surfaces. And the so-called sorption sleeves are intended, among others, in laboratories, where special emphasis is placed on quick and effective removal of dangerous and unidentified leaks from hard-to-reach places.

In order to facilitate the selection of a sorbent appropriate to a given place, the mats are produced in various colors. Gray sorbents absorb oils, industrial fluids as well as non-aggressive and petroleum-derived chemicals. The yellow mats are intended for cleaning harmful substances of unknown origin. Blue mats do not absorb water, only fuel. The same is the case with white sorbents that will be suitable in places of oil and oil spills

Sorbent mats are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can cover both small and larger surfaces. They can also be used in laboratories! We also offer Sorbent Sleeves, which are perfect for removing unidentified spills from hard-to-reach areas.

Our offer of sorbents allows us to reduce the workload and disposal costs while eliminating the consequences of accidents involving even the most dangerous substances. Sorbent mats will easily stop and remove the effects of any type of leak. The sorbent mats we offer are top-class products.

Modern technology and very high standards of our products are maintained thanks to control procedures that cover the entire production process. However, we do not introduce products that do not meet our standards. Each product has its own safety data sheet, which contains the minimum guaranteed parameter values.

The sorbents we offer are very efficient and absorbent.

Depending on the type of leak, the following will be perfect: universal sorbent mats, oil sorbent mats (they absorb all oils and oil-derived substances.) For many years, sorbents have been used mainly by fire brigades, road services and contamination rescue services. Universal sorbents are used in places where there is a risk of leakage of substances such as oils, industrial fluids, water, fuels, coolants or other non-aggressive liquids. They keep the workplace in order and thus increase safety and efficiency. Universal polypropylene sorbents are available in the form of rolls, sleeves, pillows or mats.

They are used to stop leaks and spills from under leaky vehicles, machines or hydraulic lines. They are perfect for securing communication routes, passages and floors.

Universal sorbents are in a gray shade. Thanks to the use of perforation, they allow for efficient and comfortable use. Their advantage is the ability to retain absorbed fluid, so that it does not spread around the workplace.

A universal sorbent is the most effective way to prevent risks from accidental spills and thus contribute to the full protection of the workplace.

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