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There is nothing worse than scratches on the floor of a carefully decorated apartment. Unfortunately, sometimes a moment of inattention is enough to accidentally leave a permanent trace of a chair on the surface of the floor panels. In most cases, unsightly looking tears are the result of excessive wear of the material during heavy use. The discussed drawback can most often be found in offices and children's rooms, as well as everywhere where swivel chairs are actively used. Due to this, the very desire to buy a swivel chair or a set of bar stools for a room finished with panels heralds a future tragedy.

The wheels of the sliding armchairs, even the rubber ones, although they seem soft, in practice turn out to be completely inelastic and sharp. Therefore, as soon as the protective mats appeared on the market, they were immediately massively sold out. Customers all over the world simply waited for a product that would allow them to use their favorite furniture without the fear of damaging the floor.

The high demand for protective mats is also due to their unique design. The biggest advantage of massively sold protective mats is their polypropylene or polycarbonate structure. As thin as a few sheets, yet extremely strong and resistant to intensive maneuvering of the chair, the pads will prove themselves in any space. From the dining room to the bathroom (they can be placed as an underlay for a washing machine), protective mats extend the life of the floor and dampen vibrations caused by armchairs and other household appliances.

The commonly sold protective mats are usually transparent, but it is also possible to order a printed mat, which will positively affect the arrangement, especially in a children's room or in an office. We offer mats in several color variants.

What's more, our mats are completely safe because they have rounded edges, which reduces the risk of injury during installation

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