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There is nothing worse than a scratch on the floor in a carefully decorated flat. Unfortunately, sometimes all it takes is a moment's inattention to inadvertently leave a permanent chair mark on the floor panel coating. In most cases, unsightly-looking scratches are the result of excessive wear and tear on the material during intensive use. This shortcoming is most often found in offices and children's rooms, and wherever swivel chairs are actively used. Because of this, the mere desire to purchase a swivel chair or a set of bar stools for a paneled room portends a future tragedy.

 We have a wide range of high-quality protective mats in our supermat range, which are the perfect solution for many applications. Protective mats provide effective surface protection against damage, scratches and other damage, both during intensive exercise and during everyday use.

Our protective mats are made from the finest materials to ensure durability, strength and longevity. Different types of protective mats are available, including EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) mats, rubber mats, silicone mats and plastic mats. Each of these types of mats offers unique properties and benefits depending on individual needs.

EVA protective mats are extremely flexible and soft, making them an excellent choice for those involved in sports such as jogging, trampoline jumping, cross fit and more. Rubber safety mats are more rigid and slightly more difficult to bend, meaning they are more suitable for use in high intensity and high stress areas such as gyms, fitness studios and more.

Silicone safety mats are lightweight, flexible and extremely durable, providing excellent protection against bumps and shocks, as well as scratches and other damage. The plastic mats are resistant to a variety of chemicals and compounds, making them ideal for protecting floors and surfaces from damage caused by various solvents and other chemicals.

Our protective mats are available in a range of sizes, thicknesses, colours and shapes to perfectly suit your individual needs. From small mats to room size mats, from thin to extra thick, from classic rectangular to original, the variety in our range can meet all your needs.

Take a look at our extensive range of protective mats and choose the product that meets your needs. We also encourage you to use our experts to give you advice and guidance in choosing the best product for your needs. Shop online, take advantage of great prices and enjoy superior surface protection with our protective mats!

The castors of sliding seats, and even the rubber ones, although they appear soft, in practice turn out to be completely inflexible and sharp. This is why, as soon as the protective mats appeared on the market, they were immediately sold out en masse. Customers all over the world, quite simply, were waiting for a product that would allow them to use their favourite furniture without having to worry about damaging the floor with them.

The high demand for protective mats is also due to their unique design. The biggest advantage of mass-market protective mats is their polypropylene or polycarbonate structure. As thin as a few sheets of paper, yet extremely strong and resistant to the intensive manoeuvring of a chair, the mats are suitable for any space. From the dining room to the bathroom (they can be placed as an underlay under the washing machine), protective mats extend the life of the floor and dampen vibrations caused by chairs and other household appliances.

The commonly sold protective mats are most often transparent, but it is also possible to order a mat with a printed design, which will benefit the décor, especially in a children's room or office. We offer mats in several colour variants.

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