Disinfecting mats

Disinfecting and oil-absorbing mats have special absorption pads. The disinfectant mat insert has a unique storage structure. The disinfectant fluid is released when pressure is applied to the surface (shoes or wheels). The oil-absorbing mat insert has oil-absorbing properties.

Disinfecting and oil-absorbing mats with certificate and attestation.

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Contrary to all associations, the Disinfection mat is not new to the market. Disinfecting mats have a long tradition and have long been used in livestock facilities, food processing plants and pharmaceutical companies.

Seemingly small doormats usually located in front of the entrance to a given facility are reliable in protecting the building against the spread of bacteria, fungi and infectious diseases brought from the outside.

Due to the variety of applications, the disinfection mats come in two sizes. The smaller ones, i.e. Transitions are installed in the door sills and are used to wipe the soles of shoes.

Pass-through disinfection mats are used to disinfect the surfaces of vehicle wheels that cross the entrance barrier to the farm or mushroom growing hall. For this purpose, the drive-through disinfection mats are equipped with an ABS mesh, which protects its surfaces against quick wear.

The innovative structure of the disinfecting mats consists of an overlay made of polyurethane foam, covered with a special and durable fabric and finished with a synthetic rubber material filled with disinfecting liquid.

It is worth noting that in order for the mat to perform its function properly, preparations such as Virkon S, Virex or Disinfectol B should be added to the inside on a regular basis. According to the manufacturers' recommendations, the substances are administered in the form of a concentrate. Only after diluting the liquid with water, you can fill the disinfection mat with them.

The use of disinfection mats guarantees safety in the pigsty, laboratory or drugstore. Disinfecting mats eliminate the possibility of viruses getting into production zones and ensure high sterility in the places of use.

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