Lair mats

The breeding mats are designed to reduce the risk of joint and hoof injuries, which greatly increases productivity. Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, they serve as an excellent insulating substrate and reduce breeding costs. The use of rubber mats makes it easier to keep clean, which (in the case of cows) has a direct impact on the welfare of cattle and the quality of obtained milk.

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Rubber mats are highly appreciated not only in production plants and public spaces, but also among farmers. In stables, rubber sorbents are used in cattle breeding, providing the animals with comfort and high-quality living conditions.

Lair mats were designed to maintain the proper lying features of animals kept in modern barns. It is worth adding that due to the cows' lifestyle, it is quite important, because dairy cattle spend up to 14 hours during the day resting.

The use of special mats in cow stalls has a direct impact on milk production, as animals need dry and non-slip spaces to thrive. Laying mats contribute to the protection of animal ponds and to relieve hooves during the cattle breeding season. They also reduce the probability of infertility in animals.

Other advantages of lying mats in a free-standing animal housing system are the reduction of bedding consumption by an average of 80%. Lair mats are hardly absorbent material. and highly resistant to faeces and other spills. In addition, they are extremely easy to keep clean, and thanks to the low level of abrasion of the material, the rubber is able to withstand up to 10 years in service.

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