Ergonomic mats

Ergonomic mats are most often used in production plants for the appropriate workplace or in offices for standing workers.

The most important factor in ergonomic mats is their material - the raw material they are made of. In some workplaces, such as production halls or warehouses, they have concrete floors. An employee who performs standing work without ergonomic mats is exposed to loads on the feet, calves, joints and temperature changes from the ground.

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Operation of ergonomic mats

The ergonomic mats from our offer are designed to improve circulation in the feet, legs and part of the back during their use. Thanks to the patented system and material of the mats, the muscles are properly stimulated, forcing the body to react appropriately.

The use of a soft material and the upper, stronger part of the mats ensures comfort and durability of the mats, which will last from 3 to 7 years, depending on the model chosen.

The benefits of using ergonomic mats

High-quality ergonomic mat is a product intended for long-term use. By choosing a specific model of the mat - you can adapt it to the conditions that occur at the workplace. This product can be made of materials that are resistant to most chemicals, such as oils and other irritating substances.

Durable and solidly made ergonomic mat - withstands high temperatures well. In addition, some of the selected models are silicone-free, so they can be used in car paint shops and other rooms where work is carried out with various types of flammable or harmful chemicals.

Ergonomic polyurethane mats and rubber mats - differences

Ergonomics at work is extremely important. From her point of view, the use of all types of mats with different profiles provides optimal stimulation.

Polyurethane mats in our offer ensure safe use in wet, oily, dry places with low abrasion. They have artistic properties.

Nitrile rubber mats have greater resistance to temperature extremes, abrasion and anti-skid properties, which may be necessary in some conditions.

Ergonomic nitrile rubber mats are suitable for high-risk areas, e.g. in food processing plants or medical centers. They are more resistant to contact with acid and do not accumulate bacteria.

In many industries, workers are required to work while standing, walking and / or carrying loads. Experts agree that ergonomic mats can significantly improve employee productivity and satisfaction while reducing absenteeism and chronic diseases associated with prolonged standing.

Standing on hard surfaces for long periods causes muscles to contract, which reduces blood flow. It makes muscles and joints ache and it causes blood to stagnate.

Prolonged standing causes pronation or excessive flattening of the foot, and can also lead to plantar fascia inflammation. Lower back pain is highest in workers who stand 4 hours or more a day.

How the anti-fatigue mat works is well documented in an article in the April issue of BHP, written by James M. Kendrick: "Anti-fatigue mats are designed to give the body a natural and imperceptible sway which encourages subtle movement of the calf and leg muscles. .

This promotes blood flow and prevents it from stagnating in the veins, which causes worker fatigue. ”

As noted by Mr. Kendrick, the cushioning effect of anti-fatigue mats allows continuous micro-movements of the feet, which minimizes blood pooling in the legs. There is reason to believe that reducing fatigue also reduces the possibility of accidents and improves overall job performance. Fewer days lost due to injuries, fewer medical claims and compliance with new health and safety requirements.

Too much depreciation can have a negative impact. Too much softness or "Give" will actually cause excessive fatigue as it overloads the muscles. Think of it like running in soft sand. Ergonomic supermats floor mats are made with specific formulas and designs providing the right balance of cushioning and support to relieve fatigue, which will contribute to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

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