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Mats for the playground plates for playgrounds Childhood is a time of extraordinary madness and risky ideas. Torn knees or ubiquitous bruises are a normal thing for our children. However, to provide them with comfortable and safe play on playgrounds, it is necessary to use rubber mats that will avoid dangerous bruises. They will be a great shock absorber of falls and joints during numerous jumps.

Mats for the playground in various colors and sizes. Safe surfaces

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Mats are also a great solution for protection that is used in outdoor gyms. Our products are made of the highest quality materials, which makes them resistant to any mechanical damage, e.g. abrasion.

Thanks to this, it is an application that will successfully last for years, retaining its aesthetic and functional values, including flexibility and softness.
Our rubber mats for playgrounds have appropriate approvals and certificates that confirm that the product is trustworthy and will work wherever there is a high risk of falling or there is a need to protect the ground. Rubber mats for the playground, despite the fact that they are characterized by extraordinary elasticity and softness, are also resistant to external factors. They are not afraid of any weather conditions.

Their advantage is not only water permeability, vibro-insulation or non-slip surface. They are also a beautiful and aesthetic element of the playground. Our wide offer, including various color variants and a large selection of dimensions, will allow you to choose the appropriate option according to your individual expectations. In order to provide children with maximum protection against dangerous falls, it is worth using rubber mats playgrounds in the places of their carefree play.

Only the highest quality products made of rubber granules can provide a comfortable and safe zone for the youngest.
It should be mentioned that surfaces consisting of rubber mats are widely used. They can be used not only in playgrounds, but also in the outdoor gym. They guarantee the comfort of exercise, play and ensure health protection and reduce the risk of many injuries, constituting an aesthetic decorative element of the environment.

  • are equipped with practical linear drains that prevent water from accumulating and flowing down the slope
  • can be installed on aggregate substructure – no need to prepare concrete substructure beforehand
  • do not sink – thanks to the technology of hollow joint holes on the surface of the rubber playground tile there are no indentations
  • they do not curl at the edges – this is prevented by the homogeneous structure throughout the cross-section
  • they are anti-slip and frost resistant, which is a very practical feature in our climate
  • resistant to mechanical damage and temperature fluctuations
  • very quick to install – our rubber playground boards are joined together using 16 mounting pins, 4 per edge

Nothing is more important than the safety of our children. Parents who care for their offspring usually use only those playgrounds that have been enriched with special segmental playground mats that absorb children's falls and improve adhesion to the surface.

Due to the high anti-slip properties, the playground mats have also won the sympathy of the youngest, who put their first steps on this colorful and extremely soft surface with confidence. The unique form of the mat is due to the use of certified SBR or EPDM rubber granulate.

Admire is also aroused by the system of assembling individual mat elements together, which is based on an innovative patent that prevents grass blades from penetrating through the joining gaps. Joining the plates together is child's play, quick and does not require significant manual skills. The assembly of playground mats does not oblige the prior construction of a sewage system at the installation site, which makes mats a commonly used underlay in modernized parts of urban public spaces.

The segmented surface for the playground is also characterized by high water permeability. Mounting a mat for a playground near a housing estate is an ideal way to reduce noise from the yard. In addition, the playground mat also has high thermal insulation properties, thanks to which it is perfect for both 40 degrees heat and when the temperature drops to minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Due to its usability, the anti-slip sectional surface has become the hallmark of every modern playground, open city gym or parks with climbing walls.

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